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Where are Marriages made?

by Gunjan Jain on October 12, 2017

“Kids these days think they know everything and we don’t know anything. They want to make all the decisions themselves,” my grand aunt tells my mother. My mother has just told her that my cousin has announced her engagement to a colleague at work. The news has not gone down well with her.

“Auntie, they have known each other for 3 years,” I tell her.

“So? What do we know of his family? How do we know if he will keep her happy?” she retorts.

“Her parents have met the family. They seem like lovely people,” my mom tries to pacify her.

But, she is not convinced and continues to mutter something about …”this generation” and “our times”. I hide my smile. It is a discussion which comes up every time someone in the family enters into a love match. Despite it being a common occurrence now, it is not something my great aunt and her generation have come to terms with. Marriage is too big a decision to be made by ‘children’, they say. The tradition way is a foolproof method for a successful marriage. Give them examples of failed arranged marriages and they will wave them away on some pretext.

The point is that there is no guarantee, be it a love match or an arranged match. How a marriage is made does not guarantee its success… it all boils down to what the two people make of it.

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