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"Turn Failures into Successes and Challenges into Opportunities" - Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

by Gunjan Jain on July 8, 2016

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

As a little girl she would often hide in brewery vats; the smell of malted barley “enchanting” her. It was unusual but as unconventional as wanting to become a woman brew master when she grew up.


Yet that is what she became; India’s first.


Then came another unconventional calling -- completely off the beaten track. A biotechnology unit in her Bangalore garage: It was 1978. Funds were scarce, employees hard to come by and suppliers did not want to work for a woman. Supplying enzymes to European drug companies was a tough business and no one had heard of her. Kiran Shaw only grew more determined (and flourished).


When Biocon, the company she founded, listed with a billion dollar debut, many were surprised. But not Shaw, one of the outstanding achievers we’ve profiled in She Walks She Leads.


For Shaw believes in letting nothing hold her back. -- Not even failure. “A lot of unsuccessful people give up too easily because they fear failure and in this society we stigmatize people who fail.”


Energetic, curious and one of the richest women in the country, Shaw’s now wants to make healthcare affordable for the country’s poor. Many have told her that it cannot be done. That the odds are stacked against her.  Chances are that it will not deter Kiran from her path. For whenever in her life anything seems undoable she just goes ahead and does it. 


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