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Think Positive and Save Time

by Gunjan Jain on January 27, 2016

Save The Time

What do you think is a waste of time? Sleeping? Surfing the net, aimlessly? Gossipping? These are probably the first few that come to mind. But, scratch the surface and you will discover that often it is a certain mindset that occupies our attention and leads us to utilize out time unproductively.

A negative person focusses his energy on the problem rather than the solution. The question he asks himself, repeatedly, is – Why did this happen to me? Who did this to me? This mindset does not help solve the problem and in fact, occupies the mind unproductively. In the process, instead of moving on, he stays stuck in the past and wastes his time and energy. The questions to ask are – How do I correct this? How do I turn it around?

Discard the negativity, organise your thoughts and push towards the action that will bring out the solution…and go about it, quickly.

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