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The Woman Who Has Realised Her Strength, Lives Authentically Through Triumph and Tragedy

by Gunjan Jain on July 5, 2016

The Woman Who Has Realised Her Strength - Parmeshwar Godrej

“I’m a woman who has realised her strength, lives authentically through triumph and tragedy and has committed herself to try and better the lives of others.”


Some become famous by making money, others by helping those who don’t have enough to realise their dreams.


Wealth for them is only an opportunity to make this world a better place.


Here is an Indian who has been has been associated with some of the biggest social and philanthropic projects of our era. From the Bill Gates Foundation to the Richard Gere Foundation, the America India Foundation, to A Time for Heroes India, Parmeshwar Godrej has been the driving force behind them all.


Championing their individual causes in India, over the years, she has helped leverage the tremendous goodwill she and her husband Adi Godrej have enjoyed, to help raise awareness about social issues. It is thanks to their relentless efforts that the biggest celebrities in India –from Amitabh Bachchan to Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, have all readily lent support and voice to these causes.


Parmeshwar Godrej was instrumental in the setting up of the Sir Kelly Kadoorie School for the poor in Mazgaon, Mumbai. And when the Harvard School for Public Health and Keep the Child Alive with Alicia Keys needed help with finding philanthropy projects in India, it was her they automatically turned to.


Turning society’s leaders into advocates for social causes is never an easy thing, but Parmeshwar pulls it off each time, with a natural panache. 


Read about her personal donations to the victims of the Gujarat earthquake, contributions to charities for cancer patients, her efforts towards education and medicines for the underprivileged and her tireless work in disaster-prone areas – all shared in the pages of the books, She Walks, She Leads.

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