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Real Champions are Made in the Mind

by Gunjan Jain on July 6, 2016

Sania Mirza - The Real Champions

The true test of a leader lies in how well she can field the tough shots life serves up to her. Everyone sails through good times, it’s how one weathers the hard times that count.


Sania has turned out to be an ace at giving back as good as she gets, both on and off the court. --By the time she was 22, she had already undergone 22 surgeries from assorted sports injuries.


Torn knees, broken wrists, muscle wear and tear - Sania Mirza has faced them all. There were times when she had to withdraw from the French Open, the US Open and even the Beijing Olympics, so crippling were the injuries.


“For the last seven or eight years I don’t ever remember waking up without any pain.  My body doesn’t feel 26, it feels 40.”


Many a times, the crisis of being in the face of another debilitating injury plunged her into depression. She thought it was all over: her career, the recognition, her life’s dream and back-breaking work over the years. 


But each time, the fighter in her bounced back with amazing resilience. For Sania, it was always mind over matter. No crisis or adversity could keep her down. She inevitably jumped back into the game, swinging harder and fighting stronger.   


As you will read in She Walks She Leads, Sania’s battles are often won before she makes the first serve or even steps onto the court. Like a true leader she loves to defy the odds. 


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