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“My house has no lockers, for I have no jewels” – Sudha Murty

by Gunjan Jain on July 8, 2016

Sudha Murty

Once in a while someone very special comes along and changes all the rules. Sudha Murty is one of the rare breed who does not need the applause and acclaim of society to know that they have arrived.


Eschewing all ostentation and luxury, (she even renounced shopping after a trip to Varanasi) her fabulous resources and social network is devoted to one single-minded goal: bettering the lives of others.


For her it is all about staying true to your values and to who you are -- no matter how high you climb and how successful you become.


Sudha has never believed in beating her own drum. She still doesn’t.


Few know that it was her Rs 10,000 seed capital that co-founded Infosys, or that she was the first woman engineering employee of Telco. A feisty independent woman and a devoted social worker, when neither was fashionable, she did not think twice before chucking her stellar career to support her husband and bring up their children.


Sudha’s story chronicled in She Walks, She Leads dazzles and humbles us with its humility and sheer simplicity. It is a story that redefines success, an aspiration for us modern Indian women to accomplish.


This elegant lady does not need carats of sparklers, for she flaunts something far more precious than any jewel: Integrity. 

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