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All work and no play

by Gunjan Jain on September 30, 2017


Do you remember when you couldn’t wait to finish your school work so you could run down to the garden to play with your friends? It seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? As we grow up, our lives became all about work. Perhaps, that is the reason we need a holiday from our lives every once in a while.

I think it’s important to make time to play, to set aside a little time every day for a hobby that you enjoyed as a child or cultivate a new interest. Attend a painting class, enrol in a theatre workshop or teach yourself to cook one new recipe every week. Never got picked for the school football team? Make one with your friends and play a match every weekend. Have two left feet, join a salsa class. 

Not having enough time is a lame excuse—there is always time to play. And time to put yourself first.


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