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What’s in The Name?

by Gunjan Jain on January 27, 2016

What's in The Name

‘I am very protective of the letterhead’, ace lawyer and senior partner at AZB & Partners Zia Mody’s words are etched in my mind. It is a difficult axiom to abide by in the times of stiff competition when a small indiscrepancy here and there almost seems to have become par for the course. Leaders like Zia who stick it out on the tough path rather than compromise on the integrity of their organisation are few and far in-between.

NR Narayana Murthy is another. While he was going through the mammoth task of building Infosys, he was steadfast in following his code of ethics. It may have cost Infosys some business and affected the profit figure initially, but in the long run, this attitude has resulted in a strong foundation for the company.

Companies that succumb to the pressure of quick money and instant fame and in chasing those dreams crush the principles of clean business practices are bound to stumble and fall. They need to count on assistance to repair their reputation and clean up their act. The true leaders have the foresight to recognise that they are in it for the race not the first lap. 

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