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What are the measures of success?

by Gunjan Jain on January 27, 2016

Measures of Success

He is rich and famous, so he must be successful. But, is that it? Does the definition of success lie within these two ends? In a world where money and fame are the most visible aspirations, it is difficult to stretch the vision beyond the obvious and look at the other elements of success.

In the short run, money and power may be the easiest measures of success, but a prolonged and sustained sense of achievement comes from digging deeper. Successful people are those who have looked outside of themselves and invested their thoughts and emotions into the victories of those around them – be it their immediate circle of love, their subordinates or the society as a whole.

Chris Brogan, American author, journalist, marketing consultant, and speaker on social media marketing once said, “Success means I’m at liberty to help others reach THEIR success, instead of worrying about my own.” Serial entrepreneur GL Hoffman echoes the sentiment, “Success means caring more about the personal and professional growth of others instead of your own.”

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