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SRK Pens a Poem That Inspires “To Fight Like a Girl”

by Gunjan Jain on September 6, 2017

When Shah Rukh Khan took on the stage at the Mumbai launch event of She Walks, She Leads the audience burst into a thunderous applause. King Khan in person is a treat, even sweeter than him on the screen, creating magic.

That, the superstar would have the audience hanging on to his every word was a given. That, he would be charming, hilarious and witty was certain. That, he would have the audience in splits was certain. But, what no one expected was a poem, penned by him for the occasion. He may have referred to them as “just some rhyming lines” but they had been strung together such that they left a powerful impact on everyone present. SRK credited british singer and songwriter Zayn Malik for his quote that had inspired this poem. As he recited the poem, the susurrus in the hall died down, and he had every person in the 350-odd strong audience spellbound. Self-effacing as always, at the start of his speech, SRK had referred to himself as a “struggling writer”, but by the end of his speech it was clear that his days of struggle are far behind him!

As his thoughts rang out with every line of his poem, it became apparent that this was not a superstar speaking, nor an orator…this was the voice of a champion of women rights, a feminist man and most importantly a father to a daughter.

For those of you who may have missed it as it blazed a trail through social media and for others who want to savor it again, word by word, here it is:

This is for girls who stay up all night,
This is for you who are willing to fight,
For hidden fears,
Hurt, pain, and tears,
Under the smiles, laughs, and giggles we hear.
Let your hair down, straight or curls,
You’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.
For girls who wears short skirts,
And their heart on their sleeve,
For girls who know how difficult,
It is to believe,
The girls who scream and cry,
Into their pillows and tell them their goals,
For girls who have a secret,
But can’t tell a soul.
Let your eyes be your diamond,
Make them your pearls,
You’re beautiful because you fight like a girl.
For girls who have made mistakes,
And have regrets galore,
Because you fight like a girl.
For the girls who love with all their heart,
Although it sometimes gets broke,
To who think it’s over,
To real girls, to all girls,
Who have tears to soak.
You throw, you pick up, and fall,
But just tell the world,
‘I’m beautiful,
Because I fight like a girl.’

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