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Not death, but not investing in the living is the tragedy.

by Gunjan Jain on February 1, 2016

Investing in Life

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Anu Aga lives this. Whatever life throws at her, this resilient and unflappable lady runs with it. Any ordinary mortal would have given in by now, but not Anu who determinedly plods on from one adversity to the other. —Triumphant and no matter the hour of day or night, always smiling.

Achievements are easy when the going is good. But is takes a special kind of steel to weather the misfortunes of life. Misfortunes like the death of a husband. The loss of a 25-year old son. To see a painstaking built family business crumble before your eyes.

It is only a natural leader who is able to command the wheel of a sinking ship like Anu did and engineer one of the greatest corporate comebacks of modern India. For a housewife to transform herself to running an engineering empire, is no mean feat but she pulled it off.

Yet wealth and riches hold no fascination for her. She is happiest playing with children at Akanksha her education programme for the underprivileged and exhorting companies to give back to society.

Soft spoken, wizened with wisdom twinkling in her eyes you will meet Anu in the pages of She Walks She Leads where she will take you through her incredible journey.

So next time you feel things aren’t quite going your way, this practitioner of Vipassana will inspire and teach you to how to tap into your inner strength and invest in the Now.

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