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by Gunjan Jain

She Walks, She Leads: Nita Ambani's Excerpt

It is one thing to be the First Lady of corporate India by title and quite another to become the First Lady in every sense. 

Nita Ambani, whose last name has transported her to the upper echelons of the country and the world, truly does own the crown. She is the soft power of Reliance’s business and spearheads its philanthropic initiatives; is the perfect wife and partner to billionaire business magnate Mukesh Ambani; is a devoted and inspiring mother to three children; is an educationist par excellence, hands-on patron of sports, a danseuse and a champion of social causes.

Before my first meeting wit ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Don’t change the world

Growing up, I wanted to change the world—and I was convinced it was doable. But, as I have grown older, I have become more realistic. Or have I become cynical? Or are they two sides of the same coin? ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Where are Marriages made?

“Kids these days think they know everything and we don’t know anything. They want to make all the decisions themselves,” my grand aunt tells my mother. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Seven lessons from great female leaders

When you’re chasing a dream—be it a successful career, a business of your own or a cause you believe in—it’s not easy. And if you’re a woman, there are so many more hurdles to cross, it can seem ridiculous. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Five female founders who found a purpose and what you can learn from them

The thought of starting your own venture is exciting, to say the least. But for many, the appeal lies in the aura of coolness and the idea of ‘making it big’. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Seven ways to recharge your motivation

Stuck in a rut? Just can’t find the energy to keep going? Frustrated because nothing seems to be working out? We’ve all been there. We run into a seemingly insurmountable wall and it knocks the motivation right out of us. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

5 reasons why your 30s should be the new 20s

Most of your parents, in all likelihood, were expected to have settled their lives by their mid- to late 20s. And this would have had to be the whole package—not just, say, their careers. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Seven signs that the culture in your workplace is toxic

Pretty much everyone dreams of working at a great place, doing something they’re passionate about, surrounded by smart, interesting co-workers. Not to mention reporting to a considerate, competent boss. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Five habits of highly successful women

Let’s face it—as a woman, they odds are most likely stacked against you in your career (and also your personal life). All over the world, on average, women earn about three-fourths of what men do according to a report by catalyst.org. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

My three-year journey with SWSL

I am often asked to share my journey as an author, the move from idea to expression and execution. A number of readers are very interested in how the idea for the book came to me and how I went about executing that vision. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Good morning, World! Are you making the most of your mornings?

Morning is my favorite part of the day. I have always loved the feeling of looking forward to the day. To me, it feels like being surprised—like not knowing what’s in store and still being tremendously excited about what may come. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Catch your breath…and then race on!

Work hard. Keep your eyes on your goal. Chase it relentlessly. Stay ahead in the race. Let up, and you will be left behind…all great advice. But is that the whole picture? ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

You Have to Work Hard If You Want to be Good

Tenacity. It is a quality common to all achievers. The arena may be the boardroom, the film set, or as it was in the case of Saina Nehwal, the centre-court. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

"Unless women are holding up half the sky with their hands, India won't progress sufficiently." - Zia Mody

You get to see Zia at her passionate and oratorical best when she is making a case for the empowerment of Indian women. Women, she articulates, are natural debaters and phenomenal multi-taskers, which make them excellent negotiators. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

All work and no play


Do you remember when you couldn’t wait to finish your school work so you could run down to the garden to play with your friends? It seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? As we grow up, our lives became all about work. Perhaps, that is the reason we need a holiday from our lives every once in a while. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Don't Change the World

Growing up, I wanted to change the world—and I was convinced it was doable. But, as I have grown older, I have become more realistic. Or have I become cynical? Or are they two sides of the same coin? The task of changing the world is daunting. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

My Book Shelf

my book

The global political scene today is scary. Large parts of our world are in a state of turmoil and many other regions are reported to be teetering on the edge, a slight nudge may push them over. What is it that compels countries to go to war? ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Dipa Karmakar - A Champion is Born

On 14th August 1947 towards midnight, the first Prime Minister of India proclaimed, “…At the stroke of midnight when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom…” ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

SRK Pens a Poem That Inspires “To Fight Like a Girl”

When Shah Rukh Khan took on the stage at the Mumbai launch event of She Walks, She Leads the audience burst into a thunderous applause. King Khan in person is a treat, even sweeter than him on the screen, creating magic. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

"If There is a Challenge Your Shoulder Ought to Become Broader and Your Back Straighter." - Chanda Kochhar

Often being a great manager is about flawless execution. Of being able to roll out the vision just the way it looks on paper. To put in countless hours poring over the fine print, plan for contingencies and then stand shoulder to shoulder with the troops, to make sure theory and practical segue seamlessly on the ground. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

“The Confidence That Comes from Holding Your Own Against the Best in the World—Stays with you Throughout Your Life.” – Naina Lal Kidwai

Naina Lal Kidwai loves competition: Be it basketball or public speaking at school. Academics at Lady Shri Ram College. Case studies at Harvard Business School. Or, leading HSBC India -- Naina has aced them all. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

“My house has no lockers, for I have no jewels” – Sudha Murty

Once in a while someone very special comes along and changes all the rules. Sudha Murty is one of the rare breed who does not need the applause and acclaim of society to know that they have arrived. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

"Turn Failures into Successes and Challenges into Opportunities" - Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

As a little girl she would often hide in brewery vats; the smell of malted barley “enchanting” her. It was unusual but as unconventional as wanting to become a woman brew master when she grew up. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Real Champions are Made in the Mind

The true test of a leader lies in how well she can field the tough shots life serves up to her. Everyone sails through good times, it’s how one weathers the hard times that count.


Sania has turned out to be an ace at giving back as good as she gets, both on and off the court. --By the time she was 22, she had already undergone 22 surgeries from assorted sports injuries. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Films Allow One to Hold Up a Mirror to Society, to Who We are as People

The truly creative turn every experience in life into art. Every impression, relationship and chance encounter finds a way axiomatically into their creations.


A natural propensity to be curious about life and about everything life has to offer, has been the singular driving force behind Mira Nair's prolific and innovative film making. Rural jatra artists, a single-cinema house in Rourkela, Urdu and Persian poetry, a still photography course at Harvard - each has played its part in helping shape and inspire her craft. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

The Woman Who Has Realised Her Strength, Lives Authentically Through Triumph and Tragedy

“I’m a woman who has realised her strength, lives authentically through triumph and tragedy and has committed herself to try and better the lives of others.”


Some become famous by making money, others by helping those who don’t have enough to realise their dreams. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

The Champion of the Shuttlecock

Sometimes the greatest champions are those that revive a lost cause; in this case, maybe a forgotten sport. Larger than life, they then become the face of the game, the mascot of its resurgence.


That is the story of Saina Nehwal and badminton in India. 


Before the girl from Hyderabad had burst onto the scene, badminton was a sport played mostly by families on picnics. The more serious followers did remember the ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Not death, but not investing in the living is the tragedy.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Anu Aga lives this. Whatever life throws at her, this resilient and unflappable lady runs with it. Any ordinary mortal would have given in by now, but not Anu who determinedly plods on from one adversity to the other. —Triumphant and no matter the hour of day or night, always smiling. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Living the Good Life

The dream car, the best phone, a big house and the best brands – these are all the markers of a good lifestyle, not of a good life. Yasmeen Premji’s words come to mind, ‘What if we can tell the youth that instead of buying more Ferraris, they could build more schools and may be show that off instead?’ ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

What are the measures of success?

He is rich and famous, so he must be successful. But, is that it? Does the definition of success lie within these two ends? In a world where money and fame are the most visible aspirations, it is difficult to stretch the vision beyond the obvious and look at the other elements of success. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

What’s in The Name?

‘I am very protective of the letterhead’, ace lawyer and senior partner at AZB & Partners Zia Mody’s words are etched in my mind. It is a difficult axiom to abide by in the times of stiff competition when a small indiscrepancy here and there almost seems to have become par for the course. Leaders like Zia who stick it out on the tough path rather than compromise on the integrity of their organisation are few and far in-between. ... Read More

by Gunjan Jain

Think Positive and Save Time

What do you think is a waste of time? Sleeping? Surfing the net, aimlessly? Gossipping? These are probably the first few that come to mind. But, scratch the surface and you will discover that often it is a certain mindset that occupies our attention and leads us to utilize out time unproductively. ... Read More

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